Satisfied Customers

“I’ve never seen a better job”

Rick Lauderman
Howell Contractors


Project Finished the Same Day

“You get right on the project  and finish them the same day.”

Phillip Anthony
Central Ohio Building


Quality Work in Timely Manner

“They give us quality work with the right equipment in a timely manner.”

Keith Wooten
Gutknecht Construction


Fence Will Last the Entire Job

“You do a very good job and put up a fence that will last the entire job.”

Harry Howard
George Igel & Company Inc.


No Worries -- Job Will Be Done and Done Right

“I have so many irons in the fire going at once that when I call you guys I don’t have to worry. It will be done and done right.”

Rick Bean
Dig Right Excavation


I Like the Flags

“I like the flags so I can locate the fence without having to meet with you guys.”

Gordy Myers
Fed One Construction


We Never Think of Going Anywhere Else

“We have used Erosion Runner for all our silt fence needs.  They are prompt and efficient, and always make sure they understand what we need before they begin.  With all the hassles that can be on a job-site it’s nice to have an aspect that is never a concern.  The quality service and lowest prices are why we have never thought of going anywhere else.” 

Aaron Markley
Markley Excavating


Always on Time or Early

“They are always on time or early and do a quality job.  If there are ever any problems, they were here to help.” 

Mulligan Construction


You Never Have to Baby Sit

“These guys always do a good job.  You never have to *!@#$%& baby sit.  Just put the flags where you need the silt fence installed and call them.  They are always on time, weather permitting.” 

Dan Myers
S & K Construction


Job Done As Promised

“Erosion Runner has been very helpful on some difficult jobs.  Do a quality job.  They get the job done when they say they will and start the job on time.” 

Neil Bales
Performance Site Management


Cost Effective and Reliable

“As an Underground Utilities Company and Earth Moving Company, it is certainly an advantage for us to have Erosion Runner installing our silt fence.  We are able to concentrate our work force on what we do best, move earth and install utilities.  Erosion Runner is cost effective because this is what they do.  Added to the fact that they are very reliable makes our relationship a home run.” 

Don Holmok
DiGioia- Suburban Excavating


Always On Time... Quality Work

“We have saved time and money working with Erosion Runner.  They are always on time and do quality work.  It’s a pleasure doing business with them. 

Ben Alber
Dennis Alber Excavating


Take the Hassle Out of Sediment Control Installation

“Erosion Runner has taken the hassle out of our sediment control installation.  Eddie and his staff have given us outstanding service and workmanship."

Nicholas Rossi
West End Land Development


Attention to Detail to Meet State Requirements

“Erosion Runner has successfully serviced a number of my projects with regard to required erosion protection. 
Specifically, their attention to detail when installing necessary silt fence in order to meet the requirements of state mandated storm water pollution prevention plans while respecting adjoining private property is one of their best assets. 

Their construction foreman, Eddie Baker, insures coordination between the General Contractor and Erosion Runner when scheduling and, as well, completing efficiently the needed work. 

They remain my choice for subcontracted erosion control in terms of competitive pricing, productivity and work quality.” 

Robert L. Lloyd
P.E.  Underground Utilities, Inc.


Excellent Work

“Erosion Runner has done excellent work for us in the past and we look forward to this upcoming year.” 

John Ferrell
Trucco Construction. Co.


The "Go To" People

“You are the ‘go to’ people for our erosion control needs!” 

Nuway Services


You Save Us Time and Money

“Erosion Runner does everything in a timely manner.  Service is excellent.  You save us time and money, and the work is excellent.” 

Greg Martin Excavating


Prices Are Very Competitive

“Their prices are very competitive.  You get more out of them for the price than anybody else putting up silt fence.  They are fast and the job looks great when they leave.” 

Bobby Thompson Jr.
RN Thompson


They Are Here, Even in the Worst Conditions

“It's nice that they use a string counter so they don't overcharge on their footage.  Even in the worst conditions, these guys are out doing what it takes to make sure the jobs can proceed. ” 

Kreager Brothers


Better Than We Can Do By Hand

“Silt fence is tighter and holds up better than we can do by hand.  After 3" of rain storm, there were no wash outs and only 2 broken stakes* even through the water was running over the top of 26" silt fence.  We would not have had the same results if we had installed ourselves. ” 

Simonson Excavating

*Erosion Runner's Comment:  The stakes should not have broken.  We will repair and replace the stakes free-of-charge.

I Still Save Money

“At Erosion Runner's prices, I get a better job than the other guys I've been using.  With the other guys' repair work charges, I can have you guys come to my site twice and I am still saving money. ” 

Logan Limited


I Could Tell My Boss the Job Was Done

“I had to talk my boss into having Erosion Runner install 2,000 feet of silt fence.  We usually do it ourselves.  Two days later he asked how the silt fence was coming and I told him it was DONE and it looks 100% better than if our guys did it.  We will always call Erosion Runner.” 

Kenny Baker
Earth and Pipe Contracting
Waynesville, Ohio







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