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Pre-Construction Site Orange Safety Fence Sales & Installation

Erosion Runner handles all of you pre-construction site needs, including:

Have Erosion Runner install the orange Safety Fence at the same time as we install your silt fence.

Protect sensitive areas before they are damaged.

Warn people of dangers on your site.

x Orange Safety Fence Standard Drawings

Installed Safety Fence  
(48saf-66t-12oc) — View standard drawings: .dwg or .pdf

Erosion Runner installs safety fence to protect trees or alert neighbors to a hazard, often at the same time we do the environmental preparation work. Our safety fence is high visibility orange. We use 66” t-posts to support the fence. We also offer an optional tension rope, which is mounted at the top of the 66” t-posts.

Safety Fence FAQ

FAQ Erosion Runner  Our Competition
Do you use high visibility fence? Yes, the fence we use has a wide cross section for high visibility. Often no.
Do you use t-posts to support the fence? Yes, 12 feet on center is our standard. Often no.

Standard Drawings

Sediment Control Product Adobe Acrobat CAD
Safety Fence 48saf-72t-12oc Safety Fence 48saf-72t-12oc  (.pdf) Safety Fence 48saf-72t-12oc
Orange Safety Fence Standard Drawings


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